Hyal Style

Hyal Style

HyalStyle is the product brand of W&O medical esthetics GmbH, based in Oberursel, Germany.

W&O medical esthetics GmbH focuses on the use of hyaluronic acid to protect and rejuvenate the skin.

We have chosen to specialize in this area because as we believe that we are able to meet the stringent quality requirements of distributors, physicians, and users in a dynamic, fast-moving environment.


  1. HyalStyle Light combines highly concentrated non-reticulated hyaluronic acid with glycerine for a synergetic effect which greatly enhances the moisturizing and hydrophilic properties of HyalStyle Light. It supports skin revitalization by stimulating the natural regeneration and collagen synthesis.
  2. HyalStyle Regular consists of reticulated hyaluronic acid and was developed specifically for the treatment of small and medium wrinkles in almost all facial areas. HyalStyle Regular is recommended for injection into the mid to deep dermis to achieve a soft correction of wrinkles and thus to ensure an optimum skin moisturization.
  3. HyalStyle Forte is designed for deep treatment with strongly reticulated hyaluronic acid. HyalStyle Forte restores the volume and fullness of the skin for a natural look.
  4. HyalStyle Smile contains strongly reticulated hyaluronic acid and is ideal for optimizing lip contours and lip volume. The result: sensual lips with aesthetic appeal.


For more information, kindly visit www.hyalstyle.com